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Special Finds!

7.62x39 Military Surplus 

Igman Bosnian Surplus 7.62x39 overrun ammo. This has been in production for the Saudi Militay. The dates are current but mixed. The ammo is non-corrosiver Per the Importer. Priming is Berdan. This is great ammo for shooting out of any 7.62x39 calibered gun. The Projectles are lead core with a copper jacket and     is it is great for indoor or outdoor Ranges. Packed 15 rounds per box.

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150 rounds for  $79.95

Surplus 7.62x54r

We found a small lot of Surplus Russian 7.62x54R light ball ammo! It is packed in spam cans of 440 rounds. The surplus ammo will be corrosive 147 grain with a steel case. Great shooting for your Mosin Nagant Rifle

Sold Out

30 Caliber Carbine

Packed in 120 round bandoleers on 10 round stripper clips. Loaded and ready to go! This will be brass cased, boxer primed and non-corrosive. This is Korean Military Surplus PMC Plant 1987 dated. Now how many would you like? Very Limited Supply

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As with all ammo we need proof of age before we can ship
Sold Out>

Special Find of M1 Carbine Bayonets !

>Italian Surplus M1 Carbine Bayonets

We have the best supply and even better prices for Surplus Italian M1 Carbine Bayonets that were made for US M1 Carbines that we sold them!


Charles Clawson Colt 45 Service Pistols Models of 1911 and 1911A1

Part of the definitive collected works on the 1911 by Charles Clawson. This is the only copy that I am selling so first come first serve. The book is in as new condition. No dings or blemishs. It is the 2004 printing of the 3rd edition and has 146 pages. No Dust Cover ISBN 0-9633971-3-3

Yours for   $750.00

We have been around since 1985. Gunshows have been a way of life with our family. As you can still see our son Caleb through Gunnars AR Parts and More as well. We have seen many things come and go in this industry. But one thing always stays the same we at J and C Sales try our best to give our customers good solid products at a decent price.   Please feel free to look around the sight if you need help just give us a call today at (440)423 5553 .  We will be happy to answer any questions you might have and look forward to helping you see what has made us so popular with Gun Show and local customers for over thirty years!

Rare Russian Bakealiite Magazines

We are down to the last of this exceptional group of Russian AK 47 Bakealite magazines. But we have many other Magazines available. Don't you have more than 1 gun?? Check it out. CheckMate, ASC, CProducts Defense, Magpul.    

carbine boxes
We now carry Check Mate Ind. mags. Made in the USA!!! Click the button to check out our magazine section today.

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