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Russian 7.62 Nagant
7.62 Nagant
Russian 7.62 Nagant ammunition

Look no futher we now have in stock Russian Surplus 7.62x38r Nagant Pistol Ammunition. This is ammo made to spec for the 1895 Nagant Revolver. Each round is loaded with a full metal jacketed lead core bullet. It is berdan primed, brass cased and corrosive. But look at the price this is a great deal. Packed in 14 round boxes get it while it's here.
56 rounds for $24.00

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7.62 Nagant Prvi Partizan

Back in stock and ready for Fall target shooting 7.62 Nagant Pistol Ammunition. This is Serbian manufactured by Prvi Partizan. Packed in 50 round boxes, boxer primed and non-corrosive. Loaded with a 98 grain bullet. Pick up this unique load for your revolver today!

1 box for $25.00
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